Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chris Brown: "She Is not You" revisits "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson

Chris Brown has succeeded. His album "FAM E 'is certified gold in the U.S. and that only three weeks of operation. Proud of this success, the rapper still propels a new single from her album, the song "She Is not You." Fourth extract "FAM E", the song revisits the melody of clothing worldwide hit "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson.

"She Is not You" is the new song by Chris Brown. This new title has attérir first class on U.S. radio. Indeed, in just one week, the most played song on FM stations to "urban music". "She Is not You" is taken from the album "FAME" and follows three hits as the rapper has already published.

Upon first listen, the melody of the song will not leave you indifferent. Chris Brown makes a nice makeover from "Human Nature" song from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. "Human Nature", produced by Quincy Jones in 1983, is one of seven singles from the legendary album "Thriller." This is not the first time the music of the song by Michael Jackson was used.

In 1992, already the girl group SWV had revisited the tune of "Human Nature" by bringing "the groove characteristic of the early 90's to give the hit" Right Here ". For the record, "Right Here" SWV is r'n'b song which remained longest in the sales rankings in the U.S., with the fine record of 54 weeks.

"She Is not You" was written by Chris Brown and is produced by Free School. Themselves with new single, Chris Brown confirms his return and install a fresh with this beautiful musical creation.

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