Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uffie: "Wordy Rappinghood" TV ad for Evian

The ad focuses on Uffie! Young woman with the character and music, well-tempered, Uffie is back with a new single, "Wordy Rappinghood. Music in mind indie-dance very "hype" that promises to make sense since it was chosen as the new music pub in the new advertising campaign for the brand "Evian" in 2011.

If babies were still advertising grew, this time, everyone dancing and having fun on a free version of the famous tube group Tom Tom Club revisited by Uffie in "Wordy Rappinghood. After "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans," his first album, released in late 2010. Uffie emergence of this new music scene should not go unnoticed.

And for several reasons: The first is the nature of new single 'Wordy Rappinghood. This new song is assigned with the DJ of the rap group 113, DJ Medhi is largely inspired by the mythical title of Tom Tom Club released in 1981. One finds all the creative spirit that we offered the very funky "Tunisia Bambaataa, who already at its output, inspired by the hit single" Imagination "BB & Q Band.

In addition, the title of Tom Tom Club is a classic pop avant-garde of the 80s. From their first album, this music was, at that time, the culmination of work on minimalist sounds, synthetic and melodic. Influenced by pop music, Tom Tom Club had already incorporated many elements of hip-hop.

The titles "Wordy Rappinghood" and "Pleasure of Love" have become classics. Also, the new song from Uffie could well become a new melody with haunting backing of the new advertising campaign for the Evian brand. Babies dancers are always present but in the form of drawings on t-shirts worn by actors different from advertising.

Always so stunning and quirky!

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