Friday, April 22, 2011

Akon: "Take It Down Low" with Chris Brown brings back "Stadium"

Akon, the Senegalese singer best known of the planet finally talk to him again with the arrival of a new single, "Take It Down Low" with the participation of Chris Brown. After a fairly large defocus in recent months, "Take It Down Low" is the new single from the album "Stadium" repeatedly rejected but should be released, hopefully in September 2011.

The news will reassure the millions of fans of Akon. The news is official, after the lukewarm reception of the song "Angel" is "Take It Down Low" in collaboration Chris Brown, Akon back to the front of the stage musical. The choice is probably not entirely innocent. Chris Brown currently tops the charts rap & r'n'b of time with her album "E FAM.

After "Angel" timidly announced in 2010 that heralded the release of the album "Stadium" Akon remade about the hypothetical release of his fourth studio album with the song "Take It Down Low." "Take it Down Low" was the ambition of a future hit. Akon for "Take It Down Low" is a title that also unites the talents of Polow Da Don producer and Usher, originally writing the song.

The lyrics speak of a certain Nicki Minaj, recurring character of current hip hop music in the United States. "Take It Down Low" is not like the previous hits like Akon's "Smack That" or "Right Now (na na na). "Take It Down Low" recalls musical roots deeper as "Locked Up" "Take it Down Low" will return there in the firmament of Akon Playlists? With a style more true to hip-hop as pop mixtures, "Take It Down Low" with Chris Brown could afford to Akon to get a hit.

This could be good news for the release of the album "Stadium" in September 2011

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