Friday, April 29, 2011

Shakira tested in Barcelona scenes video of "Rabid"

.- The Colombian singer Shakira has been trying in recent days the scenes of her latest video, "Rabid" in a local dance in Barcelona, where he has perfected techniques of acrobatic dance and "vertical dancing", as reported today Efe's representative. Shakira is these days in Barcelona, where he opened a window with her boyfriend, FC Barcelona's Gerard Pique, and attended the April 20 in Valencia at the final of the Copa del Rey played football and Barca team Real Madrid.

In a break from his successful world tour "The sun rises," which will arrive in Spain from late May through Barcelona, Valencia, Almeria, Madrid and Bilbao, the artist from Barranquilla finishing touches to a video clip which will be American rapper Pitbull participation in its English version and the Dominican The Taste for Spanish.

Although not yet decided which is the city where the video is recorded, the Catalan capital is among the favorites of the singer to film the sequences. As it did with the singles "Crazy" and "Gypsy," Shakira has chosen Barcelona to surprise again with their hip movements in a video clip will be directed by the photographer Jaume de la Iguana, director of the artist's other items as "Do not Bother", "the intuitive" or "I want more.

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