Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prefuse 73 - The Only She Chapters: break with the Hip-Hop and opening melody

Guillermo Scott Herren not expect anything. The same one year launched several references as White spent two years thinking what will be its new underpasses Prefuse 73. If we talked about the musical side then expected to be lower still. Put a record on anyone in the discography of Prefuse 73 and see how it is not same as above.

The Only She Chapters (2011, Warp Records) only keeps the search for new sounds that have characterized the American artist while leaving far the breaks broken and excerpts that made Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian (2009, Warp Records) and is about more Meditation Upon finishing Meditations (The Japanese Diaries) (2009, Beat Records).

Prefuse 73 'The Only She Chapters' Album Sampler by Warp Records album The eighth over Prefuse 73 is a conceptual work, something he himself has acknowledged. A conceptual work where it leaves the path of Hip-Hop sound that gave such good results during the first decade of 2000 to address a finish where the melody is the key and instrumental developments covered with tenderness voices of some of the most recognized women the underground scene such as Trish Keenan and Zola Jesus.

No more searching the groove of Prefuse 73, or Brasil nods to African music. We get solemn songs become more evocative, conveying a generally melancholy feeling settled in the instruments carefully recorded by Scott Herren, which are mixed with field recordings that he has captured with his iPhone.

Prefuse 73 - The Only Guitar To Die Alone (2011) [unofficial fan video] (YouTube) But if there is a point of emotion that manages to print the disc is the way that filters such female contribution. From Shara Worden with the tranquility that oozes with a few choruses of light in "The Only Hand To Hold ', echoes also heard in collaboration with Faidherbe in' The Only Contact She's Willing To Five ', the quiet of The Only Guitar To Die Alone 'provided by Adron.

We also have the opportunity to listen to Zola Jesus without much echo recall industrial or Trish Keenan of Broadcast after his sad death in January 2011. Prefuse 73 manages the Pop album of his career, understanding the style from its well-known career. Abstract A version that I had when accessing the Hip-Hop and similar genres.

A concept which fits with the school Dream Pop but more electronic. A great album.

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