Friday, April 29, 2011

Disco Las Palmeras - Nihil Obstat: straight to the jaw

I do not know if it's a matter of genetics or something environmental, it is due to something printed with fire in our nature or because of something we eat, drink, inhale or background radiation, but the family of rock and noise Galician has a new member, and although it is too early to venture, is as promising as was once the debut of a band that has already been set: Bizarre Love Triangle (yes, I know that burned too soon this cartridge.) The cover is representative of the group's sound: violent, edgy, rebellious, blunt.

If it catches you off guard, I lies on the canvas. No speculation, goes straight to the jaw, not defend or avoids the blows, strikes without mercy. Ambitious, cornering you in the ring and does not let a second of respite, granted only two songs that separate the assault while the referee counts to 10 to determine if KO (most lysergic, symbolic and planeteras, but despite titles, is not Christian rock, 'Witnesses of God' and 'emotional states (and Vatican).

"For the undecided - Disco palms! by Matapadre In a climate of political tension, you must hasten to hear this before the day of reflection because if you cop that day rather than vote the next day, I want to burn enter the polls. The daily frustration directed towards areas such as economics or politics, peppy and mercilessly: 'Economists', 'For the undecided, "" The rope cord' or 'The new nihilists' encourage us to raise the barricades as a option, and from his spirit of protest and almost extortionist, channeled the rage before the exhaust valve burst in the air (like the attack of 'barracks').

10-disc palms, "economists disk by palms! Surprisingly the integrity of the group (beginners, masters, amateurs), the sound rough (not low), grandeur and exuberance of their riffs, and excellent production work, getting, not giving an inch of this anger, make hits undeniable songs like 'The fear of my travels',' Economists', 'The barracks' and, above all,' I the you played in China, "maintaining throughout the foresight to record all the noise influence and shoegaze and claustrophobic walls of guitar did not drown out the melody and the development of some songs that convey a permanent state of alert.

7-disc palms! "I'm the disk you played in china by the palm trees! Now that you have passed the Holy Year of TAB, which seems to have stalled Nick Lizard, planets do not intend to return to the rock, and that it will meet peak two decades of the alternative rock boom Sonic Youth of groups like My Bloody Valentine or Ride, comes to DLP!, to collect all that heritage and invest in the best country rock album so far this year, and strong candidate disclosure group and album of the year.

The time will give me right or wrong, and place them on the national map, but it depends on them is unquestionably supreme. 9-disc palms, "the rope cord by disc palms!

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