Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Poly Styrene dies, the grande dame of British punk

Poly Styrene, former lead singer of X Ray Spex and considered one of the great icons of British punk, has died at age 53 of a cancer victim. The death was announced through its official website Twitter: "We can confirm that the beautiful Poly Styrene, which has been a real fighter, won their battle on Monday night to go to higher places." His real name was Marianne Elliot-Said, was one of the first female punk icons thanks to his infectious style and his message against consumerism in front of X Ray Spex, the band he formed at age 18 after seeing a performance of Sex Pistols.

His most famous song was Oh Bondage Up Yours!, A claim against the gender conventions that began with the phrase spoken: "Some people think little girls Should Be Seen and Not Heard" ("Some people think that girls should be seen and not heard "). I would like to be remembered for something more spiritual than 'Oh bondage up yours! " The trajectory of X Ray Spex was short, which contributed to the myth, and the group just released a álbumGerm Free Adolescents (1978) before disbanding.

Poly Styrene then began a solo career, with music quieter and more subtle, and published Translucence (1980), before leaving the music to join the Hare Krishna. Retreated to a temple of this movement in England with her daughter and was treated for bipolar disorder problems. Sporadically reappeared in the public and only a month ago published the last of his three solo albums, which he called Generation Indigo.

Speaking to the BBC, said: "I know you probably will be remembered by Oh Bondage Up Yours!, But I like to be remembered for something a little more spiritual." Boy George paid tribute to him via Twitter: "I was a fan before I met Poly. There was also a faithful Krishna, blessings to you Polly, you will be missed.

Legend!". The base of the Sex Pistols, Glen Matlock, highlighted its "quirks and his enjoyment of life, as reflected in his songs. "I saw not long ago and it's sad. Again, someone from the punk rock scene has died too young," he said.

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