Monday, April 25, 2011

Kamelot are already looking for a replacement for Roy Khan admitted betting

In the week we left behind, which was Easter for some, has proved to the world of metal a very bad week, because the departure of KK Downing of Judas Priest and Jeff Loomis and Van Williams of Nevermore, we must add the departure of Roy Khan of Kamelot always interesting. Swedish vocalist for me has always been one of my favorites in the more affordable metal, call it symphonic, power or whatever you want, and many albums he has recorded with the band left American.

Indeed, Poetry For The Poisoned, his ninth long published last September and showed us a band perfectly interwoven, but living past glories. But Roy Khan refused to join me in the Latin American tour, which began on 7 April at the Teatro Teleton de Santiago de Chile and is now in its European leg, was an omen that the departure of singer to be announced shortly.

The fantastic Fabio Lione, Italian singer of Rhapsody Of Fire, is the Swede who temporarily replaced in these compromises but Kamelot already looking substitute. The band's statement is clear: Nothing is known about who will be the new frontman of Kamelot, but the option of Fabio Lione, with whom they are sharing in recent concerts can be perhaps the most valid and, I daresay, the most sensible.

Thomas Youngblood, guitarist and leader of American education, said that there are several possible candidates, but "is an important decision so we take time to decide for the right person." What surprised me most is that the departure of Roy Khan is based on "religious grounds."

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