Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yuck - Yuck: the romances of indie-rock

It is not easy to make a group to look in the mirror of Dinosaur Jr. and Yo La I have. With Yuck many have tried, to force them, so hearing a priori and quick listen of his debut, were measured with two of the peaks of the indie-rock, the one on the amazing race full of twists and turns bright, flirtatious unexpected and exciting, and another, the talent but always exciting guadianesco hairs that wanted to emulate Neil Young.

Make Yuck, some debutantes and their eponymous debut alongside such names only for the use of distortion and some songs that almost seem versions, to see how it hold up, is a sign that some are dried out the brains of both romances hear in indie-rock version. Unfortunately for Yuck, as demonstrated in vivo they pursue a guitar pop group that noise-pop group with great affection for the Velvet.

I say unfortunately because they are going to sell it as something they are not: they could look for the spirit Bandwagonesque inheritance (hence the guitars of 'The Wall' betray them) or even a Gigolo Aunts youngsters, but that does not seem sufficient, So we'll quickly burn this band interesting only to pretend that they can give us something that only a few times can.

They could even look at a Buffalo Tom, the group undoubtedly under 90, but even with fans able to do now. Personally, you know that I prefer when you highlight the brilliance in a normal race believe me those who proclaim from the rooftops daily musical geniuses. So that bothers me Yuck not left room for their normal practice, the Middle of The Road indie-rock, and, instead, prefer to raise to the altars to disk derivative, dull and hard to excel.

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