Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Andrés Calamaro Salmonalipsis Now back with: a round with Salmon

A silly thing, a fad, an occasion to commemorate the end of an era, a subterfuge to hide the fact that Calamaro On The Rock was not how well he and his record company had expected. The fact is that Salmonalipsis Now will be released on April 26, or what is the same on Easter Tuesday via Warner Music.

This is a short double CD digipak with 54 songs, after 11 years of the publication of The Salmon, that great, but misunderstood, release of 5 CDs with 103 songs (there were 300 to publish) that were fed to the final balance crates department stores. I do not think that comes to mind remember that commercial failure, but the fact is that in addition to 49 of those original songs with five unreleased we will add some interest to the topic: 'My nose', 'Slow Music', 'Superlógico' 'Ringo and Albert' and 'Happy Birthday' from his most ardent fans have already swiped into the net.

Best of The salmon are here: the issue that gave him title 'different day', 'Rumbo wrong', 'All U Need Is Pop' or 'Yours ever'. So who has not or would not be done with this gem now has no excuse. The full list of topics is as follows: CD 1 CD 2 A few days after the release of Salmonalipsis Now start the Spanish tour Andrés Calamaro which are the following confirmed dates and you have to dial in the calendar:

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