Sunday, April 24, 2011

Katy Perry and Kanye West singing 'ET' ... "Live?

Katy Perry is not characterized, unfortunately, by blinding vocal in their live performances. It is clear that it is Beyoncé, and she neither intended, but they can be very entertaining his records, is at concerts where it really shows the quality of a singer. And unfortunately, this girl has left us to remember more than a memorable performance, but not exactly on the positive side.

Teenage Dream was not the best album of the year, and Katy Perry singles released were not exactly spectacular - not that there is a unique commodity -. However, one of the cuts will save most of the album, 'ET', has finally reached the singles race, and has encouraged some competition.

It is precisely this issue that Katy Perry perform live, and Kanye West for "American Idol, OT U.S.. Yet there is something that catches my attention. From the entry that lying - is extremely difficult to sing in that position - to the almost total absence of tune notes, except the step to the first chorus, makes me think of a direct false.

Also said that in recent months, his live performance has improved significantly and that their performances are much better equipped vocally, which would be welcome, especially all the fans who pay to go to their concerts. What do you think you, direct false or technical improvement?

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