Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aias - At the pool, an ice cream for summer

Certain proposals polarize both favorable and contrary opinions that you feel some vertigo when assessing the group, album or song in question, particularly because I feel more comfortable in gray scale in black and white, and bipartisan enough because unfair there so that for each proposal we have to position ourselves on either side, and pull hard on the rope to pull up the embers of our sardine.

And all this without falling into fanaticism (or without being noticed). Something about the group that I bring. But in general, with any national proposal to be signed to a foreign stamp (in this case, Captured Tracks), has international references fairly obvious (especially, Vivian Girls) and stylistically navigate between genres like twee, lo- fi, punk, garage, fuzz, the C86 and other paraphernalia that ends up being synthesized in "What freshness! What gaiety! "By some, and" But if they can not even touch! "Or" sounds like ass "on the other side.

It is no aim for neutrality meridian, but I have to feel comfortable on the tightrope between two worlds. For this record transmitted and spread naivete, innocence, sympathy, enthusiasm, spontaneity and charm of simplicity and immediacy. These fantastic, euphoric moments, I'll take the unfailingly 'Aias' or 'The pool' (with its chorus and trumpets) and the immediacy of 'Quan Tornis Dema', 'Moto' or single 'The Truite'.

Aias - The Truite (Youtube) However, the repetition of structures and resources, technical limitations, the amateur approach, sparse sound, without debugging and full of reverb and the similarity between songs (something, on the other hand, quite inherent gender) makes me arching his eyebrow and wonder if there really is something behind, or is doomed to pass without significance, some casual and fleeting listen on my player.

I have already clear that songs like 'Vine amb me' or 'Bali' not again hear (failed attempts to explore a more intimate), but fortunately the album features "a lot of middle class that, without reaching the hook the previous paragraph, these roads pass through its dignity as' Mon Invent ',' A week sencere ',' Dues Puedres' or 'Amunt i guarantee.

" So I have a feeling that is a hard resultón, easy and fast digestion, unpretentious, and the honesty that often provide the illusion of the debutantes. The hype that accompanies them, possibly due to something temporary and transient (it is undeniable that there is a potential target group or who will happy), but I think we should take them by the saviors of the genre, or by the group that will revolutionize the scene .

And see how they defend is live, and how they evolve in future deliveries, but for now enjoy a presentation album urgent and youth, with several moments that you can brighten up every evening of good weather ahead.

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