Tuesday, April 12, 2011

22 000 tickets sold for Miley Cyrus concert in Chile

Just confirmed the visit to Chile to Miley Cyrus on 4 May at the National Stadium, his followers began to buy tickets. A week of it being publicly available, and there are more than 22 thousand tickets sold. On the site where they sell online, Feriaticket. cl, we can see that there are a lot of sold-out, 30 out of 37.

In all cases mainly relate to locations rather small capacity and the largest, and Gallery, Andes or General Court of Pie, still have availability. The tour that brings Cyrus is called "Gypsy Heart" being the first large-scale incursion into South America. Along with James, and have announced dates in countries like Peru, Ecuador and Paraguay.

Tickets are on sale through the system Feriaticket and locations that are left, prices range between $ 20,900 and $ 132,000.

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