Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Anodajay "never knew" back in the 80's with Diane Tell

Since last winter, the rapper Anodajay Quebec, ignites somewhat rankings Quebec with a single entitled "Never Su. This single is very free adaptation of the tube of singer Diane Tell "Often time, a great deal" involved in its way to the success of this song. This week's selection is particularly interested in speaking to this song we can not resist to show you the title, listening on the radio and the video clip that accompanies "frenzy" never knew ".

His real name Steve Jolin, Anodajay Quebec is a rapper considered a precursor of hip-hop in Quebec, he began his career in 2003 with a debut album entitled "First VII. In 2006, Anodajay launches its second album "Septentrion" album that found the song "The Beat Ti-Bi" big hit in Quebec.

In 2010, Anodajay launches his third studio album "ET7ERA" whose song "Never Su" with the participation of singer Diane Tell is the second single. The song "Never Su" was her little effect on the airwaves in Quebec, this new single has taken off so quickly in the rankings. With this title, Anodajay explores all the cliches of a period less than 20 years do not know, the '80s.

These years are portrayed throughout the video clip "kitchissime" of the song "Never Su. It includes "the best of the 80's." Fashion, hairstyles and especially certain techniques of dredges, the singer revisits. The success of the song "Never Su is also born of participation of singer Diane Tell, who lent Anodajay the chorus of his song" Often time, a lot "out in the 80s.

"Anodajay added his voice to that of Diane Tell. Echoing this, then as now, they sing together the universal complexity, timeless irrationality of love ... "according to the official website of Anodajay.

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