Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arcade Fire reissued 'The Suburbs' including two new songs and the documentary by Spike Jonze

Perhaps driven by the critical acclaim (winning in the last Brit and Grammy awards, but sneak in the top 50 international records of 2010 for this house), and as a new impetus for a summer tour that will pass through our country (Bilbao and headliners in the IFF) after their concert last year at the MTV Day in Santiago de Compostela, Madrid and Barcelona, the Canadian group has seen fit to give us a deluxe edition of her - personal opinion - best record to date.

The fact is that on 27 June and will hit stores this reissue of their third album, which will include two unreleased tracks ("Speaking in Tongues' and 'Culture War') and the short shot by Spike Jonze, Scenes from The Suburbs , which premiered at last year's Berlinale. Moreover, as is usual in this type of release, will include a making of.

This is good news for those who have not you had made a copy of the album on CD, which now find few incentives rather than desirable, and the nth

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