Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Carlos Goñi: "I have not ever danced, or day of my wedding"

Serious, but friendly. Content, but passionate at times. Carlos Goñi, the leader of the band Revolver, continues to soldier on, but now has decided to give a twist to their sound. Marrakech is the point of departure for his new album. What led you there? There are cities that attracted me as a child by name, as if they had something magical.

Marrakech was one of them. I have a theory that is the cities that will welcome you. One day I went and grabbed my heart Marrakech and I squeezed. Would you recommend going there to anyone who has not already done? Yes, but not to anyone. Some people travel to Athens and said that everything is broken.

Prejudice must be left at home. When you do, are wonderful people. I'm sick of the tyranny of the white man what we have to learn the Moroccan way of life? Education, affection and respect. We could do a workshop. In Spain we have more than two necks instead of a face and neck. This album is unlike anything that has gone before ...

Yes I honestly believe that never before had mixed rock with North African music in this way, with hard riffs but arrangements Maghreb Arab voices ... I am very proud. He says this is the only album in which "has not suffered." That's right. Every day was a blessing. When the study was made up with a face of satisfaction.

How is the reception of the new songs? At first people did not understand. Little by little they were doing. I've also found people with a problem of xenophobia, but poke me in bone. To them I am happy to not like. I suffer from these prejudices: I have a daughter in Cameroon. With the theme of the Arabs, I think that the prejudices that we are losing are wonderful things.

Honestly, I'm up the eggs of the white man's tyranny. Has a reputation for moody, partly because of their songs. Is it so much as it seems? I'm extremely shy and shameful. I have not ever danced in a nightclub. Even I did on my wedding day. Born in Madrid in 1961, and raised in Alicante.

He has published a teacher to record your band frnete, revolver, which he founded in 1989. He is married and has two children.

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