Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chris Brown: "Beautiful People" with Benny Benassi

One month after the release of the album "FAME", Chris Brown continues to impress. Went straight No. 1 in sales in the U.S., his new album captivates with its sense of eclecticism. Thus, after the impact "Yeah x3", and "Look At Me Now" is a new single from the album "FAM E 'which finally makes its appearance.

Thus, with "Beautiful People" we find Chris Brown in a new light, that of dance music known for his collaborations more pop or hip-hop, Chris Brown decided to follow the movement and has integrated Album "FAM E-mail over a new register. Just as many hits currently flooding the playlists, the song "Beautiful People" meet codes of musical time.

For "Beautiful People", Chris Brown did not do things randomly and turned to Benny Benassi, as well as his cousin Alle Benassi, also known as Benassi Bros.. Thus, the creators of the dance hit "Satisfaction" have again prevailed in bringing their crazy electro sounds. For this new song by Chris Brown.

On the video side, the clip should officially make its appearance in several francophone countries in the coming weeks. Chris Brown for the occasion also saw large inviting Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz, Nelly, The Game, Bow Wow, Tyga, Estelle, Brandy, Timbaland, Omarion to participate in the filming of the clip.

Thus, Chris Brown has been successful comeback with the album "FAM E" to forget his troubles with Rihanna. This new musical project resets on the front of the stage which is the most important in the eyes of Chris Brown music.

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