Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Delafé and Blue Flowers: live, 'online' and 'offline', and free

The group Delafé and Blue Flowers offers this Tuesday, from 19.00, a mini-free and direct from a balcony of the Palau de la Música (Barcelona) you can follow through 365diasdefestivales digital platform. 365diasdefestivales platform, which has over 11,000 followers, is a pioneer in Spain in connecting artists with their fans through live online MINICONCERT to which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The concert will be held in one of the balconies of the Palau de la Música The director of the platform, Nicko Nogués, acknowledges that "Delafé is one of those groups that already had in mind since we started 365ddf, by how well they represent many of the values we want to convey to the project.

" Will be the fourth time the group of Oscar D'Aniello and Helena Miquel Daniel Acedo fill the Palau de la Música of songs that are among the rap and pop and, by the majority, infect "buenrollismo." This is number 32 mini-concert organized by the platform and is the starting gun for the second phase of the project, which has increased the number of live mini-concert and very soon will open the doors to all those groups that want to join.

For this scenario have gone digital and international artists such as Anni B Sweet, Love Of Lesbian, Polock, Fon Román, Niños Mutantes, Francisca Valenzuela, A Jigsaw o Robertas. In addition, Flores Azules Delafé and plan to act on 22 of the acts of 'Earth Day' to be held in Madrid, specifically in the room Shoko.

Admission is free but by invitation can be obtained at this link.

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