Saturday, April 16, 2011

George Michael gives song to Prince William and Kate

George Michael has given a song by Prince William and Kate Middleton, and who want to lower the Internet. The musician got his version of "You and I" by Stevie Wonder at the disposal of those who want and expect their fans to make a donation to the charity of the Royal Wedding. Michael released the song on Friday night on CNN's "Tonight Piers Morgan." Michael said the studio recording took two days and Wonder authorized free distribution.

"A week ago I thought it was to express my happiness at the wedding in a public manner," said Michael in the program. Michael said he was a friend of William's mother, the late Princess Diana, but is not expected to attend the wedding on April 29. He said in an e-tweeter that the couple should be "surrounded by people who love, not pop stars who are former convicts." The former Wham! spent a month in jail last year crashing her car while stoned.

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