Monday, April 11, 2011

Interview with Jorge Muñoz-Cobo (Doctor Explosion) and II: "luckily there is a crisis because I do not slaughter"

After the first part of the interview with Jorge Muñoz-Cobo, leader of Doctor Explosion, one of the most brilliant musicians of the rock & roll independent state, we bring you the latest in a long conversation which gave us many more details on They spoke recording phrases, their upcoming tour, the passage of time, the study Circo Perrotti and economic crisis.

Continue after the cut. Is the fan that I follow from the beginning you're standing on what is going to think this new album? There were always songs in English and Castilian, with different percentages. I am very happy with the record, I think are the best lyrics I've ever done. But do not play on the disc, why? No, the songs are not there because they put everything, did not seem necessary.

At one point it even pretentious to the lyrics, I grab a disc of the Kinks and the Stones are not the lyrics. Returning to the previous question, people will probably be surprised with songs like "Today once again ', which has a timeless pop cutting. There is a different way of dealing with pop songs, before I was more ashamed of my shyness to certain songs and left for the most aggressive Castilian, Conon garageras or character as 'You're ugly kid' or character where I can until I cross of an idiot as 'useless'.

The voice processing is new If you say for 'Who wants what I had yesterday? ", Then sang one hand more relaxed and not forcing the voice, as interpreted in English letters that I have known do not dominate that emotion put into every word. I put kilos of reverb predelay, putting the voice an echo, the echo muteando and placing the reverb to echo rather than voice.

It gives a feeling very spatial and epic tone of voice. In other otherwise used in 'tap water' is a form of distortion and much more histrionic singing that makes it sound very punk. I always try to resolve the voice intuitively thinking about what you can do better at the track, everything within my limited resources.

Why a close with 'Blue Monday'? I think it was the worst song because the original tone is very sterile and cold, and did not want to give that little bit because I wanted to not lose fleshtonizarla grace and intensity. The letter did not say anything and I did not particularly give an emotional tone.

I put low-fi roll everything. The other version is 'reborn' of Brincos The song I liked but I heard it's Buges and said, what bastards, how well they have left, how little they stick! I always had it in the head and two years ago in Seville in a sound check began to touch her and told those "we do it? And we was cool.

We came rather to complete the album. Maybe I was a tad overloaded with guitars. Is there already a tour and presentation? We rehearsed a lot and we already have fixed dates for April, May and June. We have to prepare new versions ... How does the new repertoire with the classic? It's something we're seeing yet.

Pop songs in what is all the craziness that is the live band did not know, because I always go out to play enough goats and I have to learn to restrain myself and know how to interpret it. Maybe we will make more pop to the top and raising the tone. Is the next challenge, do a good live with all these songs so they do not detract from the album versions.

Do not tell anyone that you have done more? It is a fact, we have grown up, you lose a bit of view, you get tired more, but I do some sport. You have to grow old with dignity, along with what you like, releasing albums get better ... so everything changed in 1989 when he started the group? Not much has changed yet everything has changed galore.

Philosophy and primal essence of the group is still there: rock & roll, a more fun against the rock that is a very large bag in which there are other things that can be fun or not. The influences are as ever: Kinks, Stones, Who, Brincos ... We do not want the quintessence of anything, nor are we anything.

Does Direct is as wild as I remember you had years ago? Has not changed one iota, the thing is how to make the code flow in a natural way for people to have fun, there can be a slow song and a brainless punk. Does your work on the study notes the crisis? The truth is no. It is true that this year I have more the group does not give a rough.

Now I have a mixture of Stanley Road for an EP, I also mastered the album in Los Guajes, I have mixed medium disk of a band from Austin called The Ripe, I have to finish the Twang Marvels and finish of Marijuana Freddie Fano and Trio, and on April 11, I enter the Paris terrible, luckily there is a crisis because it would not know how.

Now you're alone at Circo Perrotti? Yes, I prefer it, I do not like to depend on nobody and nobody depends on me. Maybe different but commit other failures are your fault. Yes I like working with people who know different people but you leave your routines as Stephen Mocker, Russ Wilkins produced the first three discs of the Prisoners.

How was the experience of doing the countdown with Micky? I suggested making the record but did not really songs. We explored old songs and gave them another point of view, change or take parts of those songs and beating them elsewhere and turn them over, making a new song. It was like making a sort of Dr.

Frankenstein. 'Minty' and 'gray mono Burma' have nothing to do. "The flashbacks of the future 'was entitled' Once more action ', the letter made Sabino Méndez and the music did Micky, Bobby and me. Will there be another disc from Micky? Yes, for this new disc, we will record the demo on 18 April, we made six songs.

I'm doing much to Madrid to try to stay local Rock Palace, which incidentally will be closed. Let's see if enmaquetamos. He still plays with The giants of rhythm which are Real People of Surfers and the Impossible. For the record people shot Doctor Explosion, Kaplan, Montoto, John Gibbs of the Kaisers who played bass on the other disk ...

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