Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Killers frontman believes that "it is time to record new album"

Mexico, April 12 (EFE) .- The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers, considered that it is time that the group goes back into the studio to record a new album and said they intend to do so in May. "We finished the last tour in February last year, so it's time," said the singer in a meeting with media in Mexico City, where last night was presented in concert as soloist.

The new material would be the fifth studio of American rockers, after "Day & Age", which was to tour a year and a half. Flowers, impeccably shaved, appeared however to talk about his first solo album, "Flamingo", released in the second half of 2010, and the welcome he has given the Mexican public.

"I was welcomed with open arms and I felt great, "he said of the shows offered in Mexico City and Guadalajara, which is his first solo foray into the country." Do not forget that people know me by the Killers, but seemed to have affection for my songs, "he said about his album, which proves a more melodic sound that manages the band, more powerful and aggressive.

At first I wanted to pop with synthesizers, but the sound evolved "into dusty paths" to a music of their roots planted in the southwestern United States, he said. "I enjoy singing my songs more, perhaps because the melodies," he said as well. Flowers, related to Mexico through his brother, is familiar with the country's culture, flashes that appeared on some issues.

In this regard, said he would be happy to return to Mexican territory to record a video with The Killers. He who dares to release another album itself will depend on the future of the group. "If any of the four (members) want to take a gap year, surely there will be another record," he said.

In any case, the voice of "Mr. Brightside "said the experience has been acquired as a composer will be felt in their songs, where the story will be the main element.

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