Monday, April 11, 2011

Latino rockers pay tribute to during festival in Mexico Cerati (+ photos)

Mexico City, April 11 (dpa) - An "incredible vibe" from the Foro Sol Festival Vive America to the hospital bed where he is entered and "still has a pulse", is the one that sent a dozen Mexican rockers Gustavo Cerati. Outside of programming, the rock group took the main stage XII Iberoamerican Culture Festival Vive Latino Musical to send his greetings to Argentine musician, felled by a stroke since May last year.

Denise participated in the tribute Loblondo, lead singer of pop band Hello Seahorse!, The lead singer Cecilia Toussaint and Adanowsky musician, bassist and drummer Caifanes, Sabo Romo and Alfonso Andre, Alex and the band's Otaola Daniels and guitarist Lino Nava, considered one of the best in Mexico.

After the message, by Chema Arreaola, bassist and grandson of Mexican writer Juan Jose Arreola, and for over half an hour, Mexican rockers performed a half-dozen classics of Cerati, some improvised and rehearsed minutes before boarding the stage. The tribute began with the songs "The Fury" and "no return", sung in duet and group.

"It's a way to send power to Cerati from Mexico," said the lead singer of the band Azul Violeta. The tribute to Cerati was the last surprise of the Vive Latino 2011, this year fans caught in an unusual way. The festival, which marked the return of the Mexican band Caifanes after 17 years of separation and absence from the stage, brought in three days of massive concerts 250.0000 little more attendees, according to official figures, the most popular edition of his 12 years.

The rockers also paid tribute to the late Rita Guerrero, Santa Sabina group, between the "left on a path of light," as Saul Hernandez de Caifanes. Babasónicos The Argentine and his classic song "Pendejo", which refers to adolescents Argentina and Mexico is an insult, and the English of The Chemical Brothers, with its electronic rock, closed on Sunday last of three days of concerts Lives of Latino.

Another focus of the festival was the presence of the legendary Argentine rocker Charly Garcia, who gave a moving concert dressed in Mexican charro. There were three grueling days of concerts, with the presence of 190 bands, from famous and unknown, and ultimately the audience left behind about three tons of glasses of beer.

By Juan Manuel Badillo

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