Monday, April 18, 2011

Litfiba Rare and Live

E 'in a Box store super exclusive Litfiba. "Litfiba Live & Rare" a box containing exclusive material, rarity and unusual that they will fail in the record collection of the biggest fans of the Italian rock band and for fans of vinyl. The limited edition box for a total of one thousand numbered pieces can be ordered only via the web, through the site myplaydirect.

com / litfiba. The release, in total black with custom logo Litfiba, contains twelve vinyl compounds cos: - Vinyl picture disc of the first LP of Litfiba "Aeneid" of 1983, now unavailable on the market of live-vinyl picture disc of 1984 " Live in Berlin ", never published before - double vinyl picture disc of" backlash "(live 1994) - Vinyl picture disc of" Lacio Drom "(live 1995) - Double vinyl picture disc of" Pain and delight "( live in 1998) - Double vinyl picture of "99 Live", the last live Piero Pel and Ghigo Renzulli 1999 - Triple vinyl picture of "Free State Litfiba", the live reunion of the 2010 and Ghigo Piero All 'inside the box can also be found: Custom Logo USB stick containing the band's sound of all the vinyl picture disc, laminated reproductions of original tour of six pass Litfiba and Sanremo Rock, flag (50x70) and tour posters (40x52) "Litfiba Free State", a novel color photos Ghigo Piero and signed in original (20x26 cm).

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