Monday, April 11, 2011

Luis Fonsi invited to "Scream" feelings in new single

MIAMI (AP) - After more than a year of silence, Luis Fonsi began to "Shout" on Monday. His new single started playing on radio stations worldwide. And while Fonsi is a successful and renowned artist, is nervous and a "mixed emotions" for the launch of the issue and the upcoming arrival of his album "Mainland." "It's like starting again, and come back to a new Luis Fonsi, and that creates anxiety and nervousness," said the Puerto Rican artist in an attempt to explain his emotions during a recent telephone interview with The Associated Press.

The single, whose chorus was placed last week on a trial basis on the official website of the singer, talks about the importance for people drawn from within, with a cry, feelings that bother. The catchy verse proclaims to be "yell and scream and scream and cede place to courage," and "to name the fear and lightning rip the sky, although it may fail to be happy." What I meant by the lyrics to 'Scream' is a very strong message, a message of struggle against adversity, "said Fonsi." is a message to be removed from inside what I'm afraid to say, and today I want to scream, "added the singer, after the interview who traveled to New York to record on the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn the video accompanying the song.

Fonsi participated on Monday in more than 200 interviews by telephone and digital media, with journalists from some thirty countries to promote "Shout" from Universal Music headquarters in New York. The artist had advanced plans to launch the "Scream" the first single from the new album, more than five million fans through their social networks.

"Mainland", which goes on sale in mid-June, will be released in two modes: a traditional one, with 10 songs, and one with 13 tracks, videos and pictures taken during the recording, behind the scenes. Fonsi's previous album, "Words of Silence", sold over half a million copies worldwide and achieved platinum and gold in the U.S., Spain and some Latin American countries.

That album released in August 2008, included the single "I'm not giving up," which ranked number one most listened to radio in the United States for 21 weeks. Billboard magazine named him as the pop song of the decade. In September 2009, Fonsi released "Words of silence: one year later to commemorate the success of the album with new versions of songs and material from the shows presented on the occasion of the album.

It is this success that mobilizes Fonsi to move forward, more than a decade after starting their career. "You can never do anything in life with fear," said the singer when the AP asked if he felt pressured to achieve with their new album the success of his previous album. "The success of the previous record ...

I use it as momentum rather than competition," he said, and immediately said he was "very pleased" with his new creation. Fonsi, who has composed songs for his compatriots Olga Tanon, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Ednita Nazario, believes the most important are the lyrics of their songs. And it will flow all the time.

In the past two years he wrote over 130 songs while on tour promoting "Palabras del silencio", on airplanes, in hotels, on buses ... finally had to choose 14 to record his new album. "I'm very happy and well satisfied with compositions, "the singer of 32 years. To leave no doubt, said: "At the end of the day are and will be most important in the career of an artist, the songs." By GISELA SALOMON

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