Friday, April 15, 2011

Maná The band was reunited with his audience in New York (+ photos)

New York, abr (EFE) .- The Mexican group Maná was reunited Thursday with New York audiences in a private concert at Irving Place, a home to rock the Big Apple, where he played "Rain to the heart", a theme promoting her new album and old hits. After nearly four years away from scenes in New York, Mana returned to the Big Apple to promote her new album "Drama and Light" which was released last Tuesday, full of mergers, in which first worked with a symphony orchestra, have said.

An impatient crowd tonight received with loud applause and cheers rock group, one hour after the doors of the Irving Place is open to receive the 1,200 guests, several of whom won a radio contest as part of promotion album. Among the guests were also executives of Warner Music, and Mexican soccer star Rafael Marquez, former player of FC Barcelona and whose current team is the New York Red Bulls, and his wife, model Jaydy Michel.

The couple, along with another group of guests enjoyed the concert from a quiet place, on the second floor of the Irving Place. As soon entered the scene, vocalist Fher Olvera, drummer Alex Gonzalez, guitarist Sergio Vallin and bassist Juan Calleros began with "Rain to the heart", the first item on promotion you hear on the radio from March 14 that for the third week remains in the top of the Billboard Latin Songs list, which measures the U.S.

market. Meanwhile, fans of all ages lost no opportunity to take photos or record the show with their cell phones. The group continued with "You're my religion," after which Fher greeted the audience, who sang with their idols all his old hits, and thanked them for their presence. "I miss him so much but the wait was worth it.

Thank you New York, thanks to all Latinos to be here, "said the singer and they answer the public's enthusiasm in a round of applause, which along with the screams and the delivery of their fans in each subject marked the night. The public also enjoyed success "Corazón Espinado", the band recorded with his fellow Mexican and renowned guitarist Carlos Santana.

With "Me vale" Time to sing was the drummer, and then continue with "Stuck in a bar" and say goodbye to New Yorkers who still, refused to let them go and to his claim, the famous group members returned to sing "Scratching the sun." You want more? "asked Fher, obtaining a clear yes answer, ending with" In the San Blas dock "in a presentation that demonstrated once again why they considered one of the bands most successful Spanish rock.

Maná will continue in Miami and Puerto Rico the promotion of "Drama and Light", "which was released five years after" Love is fighting "- a new Fher job that pays tribute to his mother and sister, who died last year. Among the thirteen songs included on the album include "Sister Mary" about a nun who falls in love, and "The Mirror", the rocking "Latin America" and "The Dragon", the romantic "True love forgives" or emotional "Fly free dove", which inspired the album cover and Olvera dedicated to their absent loved ones.

While Manna is known as a rock band, Fher has said more than rock, Maná's music, which is reflected in the themes of "Drama and Light." Mana has sold over 22 million albums throughout his career and has so far achieved 119 and 224 gold albums platinum.

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