Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Manna presents her new album "Drama and light"

Manna Tuesday releases his new album "Drama and light", a work that vents the band after nearly five years without a new studio album, they said in Los Angeles. Training features 12 new songs marked by their distinctive sound as a melancholy journey that reveals the hope that its components are in better days.

"We live in a global chaotic point, there are many people out of work, many people with virtually no even to eat. It has always been, but now is worse, and I must say. The records and songs are an expression of reality, "said lead singer and songwriter, Fher Olvera." Drama and light "is intended to tune in to your way with the current crisis pointing "up" as the guitarist Sergio Vallin, it is the only "way" you can take when you're "at the bottom of a situation." This catharsis is reflected in the album's first single, "Rain to the heart" as well as in songs like "Love clandestine", "Do not give up" or "Fly free dove." Maná's success and influence of Hispanics has reached the point that some schools are using the themes of the group to teach Spanish, he told Olvera.

Maná will begin the tour of "Drama and light" in June in the U.S. to Latin America and Spain then go.

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