Sunday, April 10, 2011

More daring, with a new look, Ricky Martin caught the public of Miami

The Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin offered a concert Saturday night in Miami as part of her "Music + Soul + Sex" (MAS), having begun its U.S. tour Friday at Orlando. The concert at the American Ailin Arena started with energy and technical deployment staging characterizes the singer, who debuts a new look with hair shaved on the sides and a hair in a shade lighter than usual.

With a dress designed by Giorgio Armani, the artist displayed his charisma and excellent physical shape with a group of dancers who performed well achieved risky and choreography. Martin, 39, greeted the audience in Miami in English and Spanish, among which were Gloria and Emilio Estefan, Sammy Sosa and characters expelotero Spanish television as Charytin Goyco or Maria Elena Salinas, and then perform "Vuelve" One of his greatest hits.

Both the stage with metal structures and overpasses as the costumes, all black and white, marked a modern proposal and turn aggressive. The audience accompanied the singer singing his famous hits "Mary", "She Bangs" "Livin 'la vida loca", "Loaded" and "Enough" and responded with cries when he asked if they were having a good time "Spanglish" and communicate daily said.

The concert was interspersed with videos that sees Martin with chains and then releasing them, is a recurring theme that should tell the world that can no longer be silent. The event continued with a mixture of the songs "The love of my life," "Fire Fire" and "I miss you, I forget, I love you" without forgetting the bomba and plena, the traditional music of his native island.

Martin finished with "More", "Lola, Lola", "Pump," "Stick," "The Cup of Life" and "Best of my life." The Puerto Rican artist who recently completed a year as openly gay, has taken the world its message of liberation has explained at length in his book "Yo" ("Me" in English). In this autobiography, the artist talks about his experience from his childhood, his participation in the famous group Menudo, his first love, fatherhood and the revelation about his homosexuality, and the creation of the foundation that bears his name and fight against child exploitation.

Ricky Martin will continue his tour of Canada, to return to the U.S. where he will perform in several cities and then travel to Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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