Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morla Vetusta filter 'on the river', advancement of maps, their second album

Maps may be near the Spanish Extremoduro most anticipated disc of 2011. Morla Vetusta publish it on 3 May and get to listen in your web advancement, an item entitled 'The River', which I do not like it at all, but to be honest not enjoyed their debut album, A day in the world (Salto Mortal Small, 2008).

This song along with the other 11, will be released in the week after Easter was first published in digital format and later be released on vinyl and CD, although the date of departure from the band from Madrid is going to make available to their streaming followers, an entire detail for those anxiously awaiting his new album.

The sextet was recorded between "a hidden place of Guipúzcoa and Madrid and the expectation is such that yesterday the news about the return of Vetusta Morla was trending topic on Twitter. The river is the sound of the band, powerful, expansive and unqualified, and a voice, Pucho, so personal that it is still much to please me I tried.

With Maps do an effort like that made our friend Koala with her debut and who knows if it might fall succumbed before his new songs. Morla Vetusta claiming the title of his second long tramp on a sheet of notes that were sent to the media: At the moment the group is in Argentina to begin a tour with three dates in Buenos Aires and around the tour begin presentation that will take them all over the country.

These are the events that are confirmed:

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