Monday, April 11, 2011

The mythical Ocho y Medio room closes its doors to host a signing Inditex store

The legendary concert hall in Madrid Eight and a half, one of the temples of independent music in the capital, was fired this past weekend for all of the premises occupied for 11 years and will now house a store Inditex firm. The farewell of the room was marked by the melodies of Forgotten Rebels and Astrud, etc.

Before hundreds of fans and friends of this club, and bangs gafapastas candor, the Ocho y Medio closed its sessions on Saturday with some of the rhythms that have marked his career. The first attempt to close its doors came with the track at dawn Forgotten Rebels, banda tontipop pioneer in the late 90's, who was accompanied by an emotional blackout lights.

Remembering also sounded Astrud and Family The beautiful summer, training with a single disc on the market did in 1999, marking the splendor of indie pop sweet and naive and star lists of the best album of the year in the magazine Rock de Luxe . Before the attendees decided to leave the room, also heard I have no fear of the future version of Astrud Madelman theme, I love rock and roll, The Arrowsy In any party, La Mode, which had the honor to the last notes of a night out.

For groups like the scenario passed Aviator Dro, La Casa Azul, Hidrogenesse or Cycle, among others. The property will now become a repository of the textile chain that manages Amancio Ortega. Although drivers of the disco had negotiated a new contract with the owners of the establishment for another ten years, they decided to finally opt for the company from Galicia.

Seek justice not possible for the managers of the hall and Belen Chanes Luis Garcia, members of the band L Kan-managed to keep the rent. That and a few days after publishing a statement announcing that "after an unsuccessful struggle to avoid once again a place for live music, entertainment and joy ends up in the hands of a textile chain, called customers who do not dress in the farewell party any piece of Zara.

However, the couple also announced that the closure is temporary and are already seeking a new location. Also this weekend marked the end of another live juke joint: the Savoy Ballroom in Gijón. Apparently, their owners could not cope with the last increase of rent.

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