Sunday, April 10, 2011

Porcelain Black, a new "industrial Britney Spears"

Porcelain Black is the latest addition to the Young Money label, which mainly deals with R & B artists and hip-hop and who belongs and people like Nicki Minaj or Drake. Lil Wayne, the creator of the company, decided that the singer was a good buy, even though his style is not exactly similar. She vividly defined.

'This Is What Looks Like Rock N Roll' is your business card. Since then, the metaphor is understandable he does in his statement on the style practiced since the first time we heard this single. In some ways has been able to give a twist to the innocent style of dance-pop mainstream to a point of view thug, but then to remain calm saying that drinks from the fountains of Nine Inch Nails I think there is a stretch considerable.

The song met with enough to be released but the truth is that there is a fist on the table as they should be this kind of issues whose purpose is very clear. I do not know how much benefit will be on a label where the style is so far from you and therefore your target audience. In any case, to dispose of this new addition, Lil Wayne has made its debut at making your own tour opening for I Am Music II, and several other appointments Minako Nicki and Rick Ross.

Also can be seen in the video for 'This Is What Looks Like Rock N Roll' in a somewhat forced intervention given the general cut of the song, but it is understood from the viewpoint of "administrative", so to speak. Currently preparing their debut album under the tutelage of Universal Republic and specifically RedOne, who worked at the time with Lady Gaga, Alexandra Burke, Mika, Jennifer Lopez and Usher.

One of the first employees that could have come to light for this album is guitarist John 5, the industrial metal band Rob Zombie. Thanks to Alexander for the blow.

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