Friday, April 15, 2011

Radiohead deny that there is second part of The King of Limbs

From the day they are released The King of Lims, have been circulating rumors that Radiohead would release a sequel, to complete a drive that seemed to remain somewhat lame and lacking in length. But if you were waiting for this then you can go on ignoring your hopes, because the British did not pose edit anything at the moment.

This was confirmed by the guitarist Ed O'Brien in a recent interview, which strongly denies a continuation of The King of Limbs. He stated that more songs were half done, but nothing closed and ready for what would be a second part, so is ruled out a move similar to that of In Rainbows.

I fear we will be playing settle for vinyl 12 "that will launch tomorrow on the occasion of Record Store Day, and will include the topics" The Butcher "and" Supercollider ". Save big surprise, that's all we'll have new Radiohead for some time.

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