Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sade: "Still In Love With You" ad "The Ultimate Collection"

Each week brings its new batch of information on the upcoming arrival of the new compilation of Sade, "The Ultimate Collection". Scheduled for May 2011 Sade Adu stirs greed and envy for many fans, curious to feast again with beautiful melodies. For that happiness is at the top, here already a first novel, "Still In Love With You." This new song by Sade, "Still In Love With You" is the first single unique account that the compilation "Ultimate Collection".

The song "Still In Love With You" is a sublime resumption of the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. The original song was released by the group in 1974. The song, written by Phil Lynott, allowed the group Thin Lizzy have a wider audience. Emeritus guitarist, Phil Lynott was always accused of having borrowed the song at a certain Gary Moore.

The original "Still In Love With You" is a beautiful soul ballad rock. For this new interpretation, Sade Adu was completely appropriate for the song we offer a beautiful song very soul with the spirit "smolt". "Still In Love With You" is worthy of joining the big success of the singer as "Smooth Operator," "Hang on to Your Love" in the '80s, or the sublime "Soldier Of Love." "Ultimate Collection" the new compilation will include three new songs Sade.

In addition to the song "Still In Love With You", we meet again soon remixes like "The Moon And The Sky" with Jay-Z or "Your Side" by The Neptunes.

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