Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taio Cruz: Black And Leather "and" Bad Little Girl "in 2011

While the new single from Taio Cruz "Telling The World," from the soundtrack of the movie "Rio" starts broadcasting on radio, the singer has unveiled the name of his upcoming album, expected this year 2011 and new projects in which his name is associated, as the single "Bad Little Girl" for David Guetta.

Since the single "Break Your Heart" in 2009, Taio Cruz has managed to grow its talent and songwriter. Last year was indicative of the strength of the talent of this artist. Party to the conquest of hits, Taio Cruz is also nice collaborations with Ke $ ha on the song "Dirty Picture" and also the lovely Kylie Minogue on the single "Higher." In 2011, the songwriter does not stop there way.

According to the record label producer, it is in the midst of recording her next album. Things are progressing well and Taio Cruz has to disclose the name of his new album will be "Black Leather And" The year 2011 looks even prolific Taio Cruz, during the conception of "Black Leather And" continues to prepare future hits for other artists.

Thus, Taio Cruz is the author of a new title for David Guetta. The single "Bad Little Girl" which should, just like the song "Where Dem Girls At? "Should be on the new album by David Guetta. Very little information is still circulating on the future participants of the 2011 album by Taio Cruz, but it seems that events are accelerating as the pace of publications on Twitter accelerating the artist.

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