Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists canceled in Valencia and Barcelona, we were in Gijón

Ted Leo is a maverick, a guy who has a lot of road and bare ass after two decades in the musical trenches, first in the hardcore with Citizens Arrest, the mod-punk with Chisel and indie-rock, for want of a Thus, as Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. Ted Leo came to Spain with his band (Chris Wilson, Dave Lerner and Dorien Garry) to present The Brutalist Bricks that Matador released in 2009 but has had a national edition of The Castanya, makers of a 11-date tour of the U.S.

could not complete due to a respiratory condition that prevented him from being in Valencia and Barcelona. We were in Gijón. Backed by a very good press did not miss this issue to our country and steals a chronicle that as an artist little known does not deserve this space. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists offered a concert by those who believe fans, even someone outside your roll.

Ted Leo Castilian pains to communicate with the public and that was something he thanked local even commented that they were playing at the Savoy Club, it would close a week later with these words he got to the public in pocket, but also played with all their array of influences in a performance that came close to ninety minutes.

The band sounded at all times of service from the first minute and that the Savoy was a difficult room, even though the band sounded with little more than one set of voices. The start was encouraging: the strong 'Heart Problems', his 2004 album Shake The Sheets, the latter after' The Mighty Sparrow ', also would hear the melodic' The One Who Got Us Out "and" Me And Mia ", all a song that reminded me of Elvis Costello.

No review was in The Brutalist Bricks, which itself cuts that sounded like the speculative vayos 'Mourning in America', the instant anthem is 'Even Heroes Have To Die' or abrasive punk-rock 'The Stick', but to peak at Hearts Of Oak to play 'Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone The? " and the melodic 'I'ma Ghost.

" He went to Living With The Living and made three themes: 'Army Bound,''' Colleen 'and' A Bottle Of Buckie 'even rescued the final' Timorous Me 'The Tyranny of Distance (Lookout, 2001). Great concert and definitely an experience I would repeat in future visits.

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