Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top Hypersonic: The new electronic civilization

After presenting its final bid last week running in third, Justice have managed this time to reap the most votes and take the lead in Top Hypersonic. Keep up the dance that we suffered in recent weeks in senior positions, due to the amount of interesting topics on the list. Radiohead are hooked in the wake of the French winner and placed in second position, with falling Foo Fighters and The Strokes.

Also highlighted in the posts entries nobles Death Cab for Cutie and Beady Eye, sixth and seventh respectively. Except for a couple of cases, below the dominant note is green arrows. Among the outputs of the week, we have the most significant hen that Mogwai and REM, which put an end to their long presence on the list, both inclusive leadership.

So this week is the table. Open updates to the cash return to the sound of Beastie Boys' Make Some Noise "(YouTube). Of the two issues we have heard already from his new album, this is without doubt the strongest glue. Classics are also fireproof Depeche Mode, but if we are not talking about genuinely new material, but included a cut on his upcoming album of remixes.

Do you have convinced the fix that makes The Stargate of 'Personal Jesus' (Soundcloud)? We turn now look towards a proposal much less known but also worthy of the dance floor. That's up to Mendetz and crazy music video 'Your Clands Hap' (YouTube). Turn now to a request from several readers, delighted all with the debut of The Vaccines.

To see how you behave with 'If You Want' (YouTube). And finally, another proposal that will surely be greeted with joy by a lot of you. The increasingly popular Morla Vetusta are back, and with 'The River' (YouTube) give a first taste of what will be maps.

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