Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuenda in concert at the Auditorio Principe Felipe (Oviedo, 14/04/2011): tradition finally recovered

Go ahead I do not like traditional folk music with bagpipe and if I tolerate some training to use this instrument is because the pipes have been replaced by midi or electronic, it is still more than a keyboard. With Tuenda not I have this problem, it's a trio of Xosé Ambás (voice), Pepin of Munal (flute) and Elias Garcia (bouzouki) who began his musical career in 2003.

In his work there is no hurry, have charged three wonders that carry the title consecutively in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3. Tuenda 3 is his latest creation, an album that just came out via Earth Records, the label that created Igor Medio and Carlos remembered Redondo alongside fellow Felpeyu, and has continued to operate after that sad day in June 2006.

As in the past, the trio has reflected traditional themes collected by Xosé Ambás, this time with Ilesies Ramses, and incorporated into the Oral Tradition Archive, showing the immeasurable wealth of Asturian folklore that without this work, could be gone forever . And those 11 cuts two compounds have been added by the Pied Tuenda, Pepin of Munal, and other traditional theme picked up by the latter.

The concert presentation of Tuenda 3 was a success. The Chamber Hall Auditorium Oviedo almost became too small to wrap this trio that from this oral tradition have been scrupulous in adapting to your personal sound. I believe that no group of folk Atlantic Arc has become so great music with so few twigs, and direct the sound does not differ much more than precisiónhttp: / / www.

Music Rumors. com / wp-admin / post. php? action = edit & post = 21629 giving repeated doses. Tuenda did most of his new album, 13 fourteen songs, and even invited the dance troupe Xeito to share with the group any of these, such as 'Xirandilles Thistle', collected in the municipality of Gozón and never in modern times had been danced.

That is what is called ethnomusicology century. So between the Tarna Round, which opened the concert, the Romance of La Serrana, both told us that was a very wicked woman who was transformed overnight and killed the men that went with it, the 'Song the Goxeiuru ', a vintage of the repertoire of Fela d'Urria, a charming 94-year old woman who was in the audience and was invited at the end to sing a capella this topic,' The Miou maridín ', a vintage rescued by Lidya of Munal, flutist Tuenda mother, or 'Song of mazar' was after a concert of exceptional brilliance.

The excitement came when Tuenda made 'Sindo Ca', a song composed by Pepin of Munal in memory of his father and in which we find the hat to this great folk musician. Finally, with the 'muñeira of Perl. Monday "was fired for giving back and leave the 'Add to Quinzanas'. Tuenda are unique, Tuenda are needed in the folk.

Thank you for another magical concert.

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