Monday, April 11, 2011

The Twilight Singers - Dynamite Steps: GD Noir

Let's memory with The Twilight Singers. In memory Powder Burns drove a hard disk and vast, difficult to overcome if Greg Dulli wanted to follow the path of the epic. As its title indicated, Powder Burns smelled of gunpowder, born of hard times, was surrounded by a dark emotional Steps Dynamite continues, but does not increase.

What in the group's previous album seemed to reality, here sounds more like fiction, but that's not bad, read novels, for example, is better than living as one of its protagonists. If we keep looking back to the recent past, The Gutter Twins, his project with Mark Lanegan, left us wanting more disk, but not in vivo: there did return the excitement we asked two of the most interesting gorges of 90, two men marked by highly respected career, however, never got to jump some expected business.

The Twilight Singers - Blackbird And The Fox (featuring Ani DiFranco) by subpop Dulli not succeed either with its new album, but nothing happens, still learning from every person and situation he faces and that is the example of 'Waves '. It is the darkest Dulli has done in years, almost more reminiscent of Screaming Trees (even with that grim point that always liked Alice in Chains) that he himself and a guitar playing final intense but marketable.

Dulli insists it was one of the last songs he composed for the album: who knows if his future might sound like. The Twilight Singers - Gunshots by 2046songs "Catharsis? Does it wait? No, here Dulli remains always and continues to exert its tyrant magnetism with those close. In Twilight Singers who accompany Dulli matter, but not excessively so, as he says: O, speaking as some of the characters in his songs, who participates in a Dulli disc temporarily becomes your whore.

And in that category, on this record, enters the likes of Ani DiFranco, Mark Lanegan's new Verve guitarist Nick McCabe. All you need to undergo a sensual singer, who continues to embrace the soul (his passion) when it deems necessary (for example, in the initial 'Last Night In Town') but on his way to call your pet and Hell Redemption as Johnny Cash, not to put that name to all your songs.

What other artists would be a torpedo at the waterline to Dulli makes you stronger. Failure, drugs, goodbye to friends. Or even the more mundane: That this disc, for example, has been recorded with five different types of battery does not affect the vital concept and sound that Dulli has long handles.

Since leaving Afghan Whighs irreparable opening a hole in our hearts, we have gone to see him challenging, sexy, to see him defeated, lost, and this time, almost singing a Film Noir. As he sings, sometimes he was lucky. A Veces. The lyrics to 'Get Lucky' is almost the Philosopher's Stone Album: Dulli already know the route, so that the road belongs.

Know where and how to get and also does not seem eager to lose themselves in alternative ways. Not surprisingly, Dulli had written the title of this record for 15 years, I was just hoping that we sing songs appropriate to package under it. In the end, the whole career of Greg Dulli, including this latest album shows that it is he who is actually at the mercy of the Muses.

That, like others with him, Dulli has been his whore and has managed to please them more often than usual. And they know how to thank him once again. Listen | The Twilights Singers - Blackbird & The Fox (mp3) Listen | The Twilight Singers - On The Corner (mp3)

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