Saturday, April 16, 2011

Britney Spears is working with Rihanna on 'S & M': morbo insured

Rihanna órdago flopped a few days ago in Twitter account. The Barbados singer asked his fans with whom they would like to collaborate and the response was overwhelming: Britney Spears. No sooner said than done. Sing small or far from flush with the case, kept his word and the result was immediate. 'S & M' was the song chosen for the collaboration between Rihanna and Britney Spears.

After a few tweets between the two singers, in which they put each other through the clouds, the remix came out for public enjoyment. The theme was single of the Caribbean, for me the best of what has taken from his latest album, and this new twist, but the incredible curiosity and excitement that can cause seeing two generations of pop divas and hand in hand pulling their hair not only interesting as a curiosity.

Rihanna, again, is eaten with potatoes on the remix to Spears, whose voice seems much smaller at the side of his companion. Although, of course, have to see if they had turned the tables if it had been a guest artist Rihanna and not Britney. In any case, this type of collaboration encourages the roost, and while not reinventing the wheel, it is appreciated that season a little matter.

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