Saturday, April 16, 2011

Christina Rosenvinge makes a new version of 'Miss' Christina and The Subterraneans

Hotmail proposed to Christina Rosenvinge to rescue one of his songs from his early period and update it somehow, as part of a campaign that presents their latest and whose slogan is "Christina is not the same as 20 years ago ... we either. " She has used the song 'Miss' that was included in What I'm damned, Christina's first album and The Underground 1991.

A song composed by her ex-husband Ray Loriga, which has grown from its original innocence to cruelty inherent in any lady. Along with his usual musicians, the result is a cross between the sound of 'Theatre' by Willie Nelson and guitar arrangements such as M. Ward., As she defines this new version that has little to do with the original.

I think it's time to look back and replay the first version, more simple, flat, but with a freshness that can only be achieved when someone is very young and getting started. The years do not go in vain. "Miss or Mrs.?

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