Saturday, April 16, 2011

Today is Record Store Day Spain: Alberto Izquierdo interviewed (High Fidelity Records)

We are late but finally record stores have joined together to celebrate our country on Record Store Day Spain or what is the same, the Day of the record stores. The initiative came in the U.S. by Chris Brown in 2007 and institutionalized Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Collition, Amy Doffman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner associating this event with over 700 independent record stores in the U.S..

States, which have been adding other locations around the world. In Spain, the idea came from a store in Granollers, Discs K7, and have joined a handful of stores across the state. But only 8 of them are sponsoring Elefant Records with the release of a single vinyl 7 "Cooper. This EP, entitled RSGo!, Includes live footage of 'Hyde Park' and 'My world', and face B is another live track, 'On the Couch' and 'Alison', review of the topic of Elvis Costello .

One of these stores is Oviedo High Fidelity Records, talked to its owner, Alberto Izquierdo, on this first day of record stores in Spain. How did you get in the Record Store Day this Spanish? As it was almost a fluke. I called Juan Vitoria, Valencia Amsterdam Drive, saying he was going to mount the Record Store Day at the initiative of a store in Granollers, and had thought to get the EP for Cooper, Luis Calvo de Elefant Records agreed, and everything launched.

Are ye 8 stores that you assume the issue, no? Yes, although the association was only for this album. I do not know if I will have the discs in my store that are published in the United States. As far as I know, K7 Discs will distribute those records to other stores in the country, which is not operational.

Noto some bitterness in your words Well, not exactly. I do not want to create controversy but it is illogical that all celebrations are made in Granollers. We should have prepared a program of activities among all stores. Is a first edition and is what counts the most interesting thing is that we can partner for future projects.

Are you planning anything yet? Yes, the truth is that there are many records that we could edit in future editions. Exclusive release which could involve both the labels and artists. The example of Munster Vinilissimo series is ideal. You are just small shops that are taking part, is there a relationship between the country's record stores? Yes, no room for large surfaces such as Fnac, would be meaningless.

The second question is no relationship between the shops but we all know because we have many online store. There is some competition between us, so we unite to distribute the discs I see Record Store Day unfeasible, because the product you would like to have almost exclusively. You have an open store in Oviedo, how it survives a record shop in the provinces? In Oviedo we have three record stores, is the Spanish city with more shops per capita.

I have spent many years working long hours and effort that I could survive. The key is to specialize in certain styles and have allcollection store and Ebay, now with the Internet because there are no borders, maybe the best extreme metal store in the world is in Burgos. My percentage of sales is 65% Internet/35 in the store.

I remain open thanks to the publicity given to me for sale online. And what has specialized discs High Fidelity? The store has been open since 1993 and has survived three owners. I am specializing in independent records of the decade of 90 and 00. There is demand for reissues of albums from that era, which are always high quality.

An example is the Sweet Oblivion Screaming Trees, the original vinyl edition was 80 euros and not everyone could access copies. It has now been reissued and no demand. What remained of the second hand? I started selling collectibles, second hand records, and learned a lot of the trade. In stock shop but I have used material is a priority for me.

Do you think vinyl is a format for the future and not past? Yes, a format that wanted to kill him when he got the CD and almost overpowered him. It is clear that music is a collector's item. People do not buy records and that is down all of the Internet in the future will want to have vinyl, because we are collectors by nature from the time of the caves.

We can not fight technology, but when listening to an LP disc is truly the ideal format. Even large areas incorporated into its linear vinyl Yes, but I think if you have vinyl Fnac because they are pretty on the shelves. They have competitive prices and could have them. In fact, many people have is knowing my store and customers were Fnac.

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