Monday, April 11, 2011

Coldplay to open the 2012 Olympics?

Who Coldplay, Joss Stone or Muse will perform the opening song of the 2012 Olympic games in England? As is customary, the opening ceremony is an important appointment and one of the most watched events planets and "welcome song" is a huge spotlight to his interpreter. The organizers of the opening ceremony of London 2012 are in full pursuit of interpretation of the song Welcome to this major event of 2012.

Many names are circulating. According to the newspaper "Daily Mirror" of members of the organization, it would leave the band Coldplay who starred in interpreting this song. But many artists are on the list and nothing is final yet. But it is true that the band Coldplay has an international reputation.

A song called "Welcome Song" is already ready for the event but several members of the organization would like the singer or the singer is inspired by the designated event and offers his own creation. The next Summer Olympics will be held in England next year, in 2012. The opening ceremony will be held July 27, 2012 and is expected to be accompanied by a sublime spectacle The ceremony will be led by Danny Boyle.

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