Monday, April 11, 2011

Morla Vetusta The band invited to hear the first single from his new album, 'Maps'

2009, or perhaps even as a little earlier, it was his time. Vetusta Morla, a pop band from Madrid who founded his own label to the lack of companies, got his album A Day in the world (2008) sounded in all stations, their singles meanders through the top of the charts, your picture will star the covers of magazines and they were invited to the main Spanish music festivals.

Year and a half ago ended a tour that took them to Spain and Mexico, and ended in Madrid, where they hung the sign "Sold out" in five concerts held farewell. Vetusta submit the album for the first time in Spain in the Murcia festival SOS Now, the sixth is facing the challenge of satisfying critics and fans with songs from his second album, Map, which will hit the market next May 3, according to just informed the group.

Indeed the album's release will occur only three days before filing his first appearance in Spain, on 6 in SOS 4.8 Festival in Murcia. Afterwards, pass through Malaga Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Madrid, among other cities. However, as can be heard on the website of the band's first look at this new collection of songs.

It is in the river, a topic with the aim epic eq disturbing his previous work, even though the verses sound more sosesagadas.

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