Friday, April 8, 2011

Enrique Bunbury goes straight to No. 1 on the charts and supersedes Manel

No more spell Manel, this group of independent pop and intimate despite singing in Catalan, led for three weeks, the number 1 in the charts to the surprise of friends and strangers. Spears, Revolver and Tamara are other novelties rnaking Enrique Bunbury input to the ranking has driven in a week to Barcelona from his post of honor, and where once reigned the candid 10 miles per veure a bona armor (going down to second position), now stands, brand, Grand Rex, the record that he did well recorded live in Buenos Aires.

The Bunbury was not the only appearance that has shaken the record sales order: Britney Spears, with his new Femme Fatale, has managed to slip into fourth place, while the benefit album Songs of Japan is fifth. Sex and the seventh also correspond to two developments: the Argan, the new album Revolver, and More, Tamara.

For his part, Paul has maintained Alborán a worthy third place with her self-titled CD and which is more than two months between the three albums sold in Spain and won her first platinum (60,000 units sold). Meanwhile, Via Sergio Dalma Dalma and has dropped to eighth place, but only after spending 19 weeks between the first position.

The complete ranking: 1. Gran Rex, Bunbury. 2. 10 miles per veure a bona armor. Manel 3. Paul Alboran Alboran Paul. 4 - Femme Fatale, Britney Spears. 5. Songs for Japan, by various authors. 6. Argan, Revolver. 7. More of Tamara. 8. Via Dalma, Sergio Dalma. 9. Never say never, of Justin Bieber.

10. The king of limb, of Radiohead. As for the song list, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull (On the floor) and Paul Alborán (Only you) remain in the top two spots a week, followed by Malú (White and Black) Lady Gaga (Born this Way) and Alexandra Stan (Mr. Saxo Beat).

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