Friday, April 8, 2011

WarCry - Alfa: reaching excellence

WarCry not appear to have a roof on your journey to excellence. Alfa, his latest album, without underestimating the six previous studio albums, is a true wonder of the Castilian state metal. And this new trip was undertaken without any external help to distribute it. Training Alfa Asturian presents ten new songs that for me are a giant step, qualitative and quantitative, regarding Revolution, which for some of the fans was a disappointment, although it is well above other productions of bands national.

Video | YouTube If it went to Euzkadi, Lamine Productions, Alfa have done at home, Eclipse Studios Oviedo Dani orders Sevillano, former guitarist of Darna, a group that shared some imaginary WarCry. And they have been right with this election, it is of the seven albums that sounds better, and this is not a topic.

WarCry quintet again become full-fledged entry in the formation of keyboardist Santi Novoa, a classically trained musician who has given a patina of higher quality could say to a huge music collection, adding a keyboard, even a Hammond, very imaginative. And I make this criticism excited by the content of Alfa, much less.

After many listeners can assert that WarCry is still a melodic metal band that they combine in a style different styles: power, speed or hard rock, and that few bands, if any, can boast of doing well. Video | YouTube's front page, very simple with a solar flare, is the counterpoint to the title of the album, Alpha, understood as a principle against a clear end with the collapse of the star.

The artwork is signed by Daniel Alonso, who has collaborated with the group from direct light (Jaus Records, 2006), who has returned to give the nail a great job that completes the picture of the target wizard Sergio Blanco. Alfa opens with 'Soul of a conqueror' and yes, still epic WarCry but the title does not refer to any feat of a legendary warrior, but the daily conquest of a cancer patient to get up, see the light, fight wrong, and finally overcome.

Musically, this issue summarizes the state of grace WarCry in 2011. A band with Victor Garcia in front, the best singer and best songwriter of the heavy metal state, and a few musicians that can point only praise: be the guitarist Paul Garcia, who here has made a tremendous effort in section riffs and solos or Rafa Yugueros, which is impressive on drums.

'Death of a dream' is another court WarCry fans will appreciate due to the overwhelming intro to the chorus megapegadizo, changes of pace and a voice very well qualified. 'Cowardly' brings a hot topic: gender violence WarCry portrayed as if it were a photograph. It is another huge issue with a new chorus outstanding classical-minded shows another masterful solo Pablo García.

'So easy' seems at first after half time but well-oiled machinery of WarCry. The letter says that you can get to a place but once you're there and you lose the illusion is easy to leave everything behind. In 'Remember' perhaps they have gone hand in hand with the sugar. A very catchy ballad could even qualify for AOR, which would fit perfectly into the programming of a radio formula.

A very nostalgic, exciting, speaking of the memory of your partner when it is not there. 'Friendship' is clearly a direct anthem. A hymn to friendship with a contagious chorus. Great work by Rafa Yugueros with double bass and a final apotheosis. 'Appearances' has a touch on the keyboards and prog is that the firm Pablo García.

A subtle slap on the media involved in instrumentation in which the guitar work seems great. Maybe it's cutting the whole complex. Ardo inside 'is another anthem. The prelude to tracing the melody piano hooks. Another very fast but also very melodic which is a criticism of the blasphemy, to be a favorite of the thousands of fans of the band.

'Everything is Hell' has lyrics inspired by the book 616. All hell is David Zurdo and Angel Gutierrez, which tells the story of the battle between Heaven and Hell was not the first but the hosts won the so-called Satan. An epic theme, tremendísimo, with another outstanding chorus, and a spectacular work of all musicians.

Sure to be another fan favorite. Alfa closes with "Free as the wind ', a cut in the Victor Garcia expressed his disappointment to those who know and feel about everything. It begins as a ballad but becomes an issue very fast after the first stanza, and finally returns to the ballad. I have no doubt that WarCry have risen so the bar is going to cost them overcome at the next delivery.

We'll see you live at festivals and in the latter part of the year in theaters.

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