Thursday, April 14, 2011

Estrella Morente, Farruquito, Pitingo and Tomatito, figures of Cante de las Minas 2011

Estrella Morente, Farruquito, Pitingo and Tomatito, figures of Cante de las Minas Flamenco 2011 artists Estrella Morente, Diego El Cigala, Pitingo, Farruquito and Tomatito are the leading figures of the 51 International Festival of Cante de las Minas, the event most important competitive nature of the world flamenco scene to be held in La Unión (Murcia) 3 to August 13 of this 2011.

This was announced on Thursday the mayor of the town of Murcia and CEO of the Foundation Cante de las Minas, Francisco Bernabé, during the presentation of the programming contest, in an act that has taken place in the Corral de la flamenco Morería owned by the dancer Blanca del Rey, who was fired this year the tables acting in La Union.

You have to leave in great form of respect for the profession The festival will kick off on August 3 with the prologue in the day called Day of La Union, where officials interpreted the hymns, there will be a Tribute to the Miner and Miner's Widow, and Trovera evening will be held in the style of the mining town.

August 4 will be the Opening Day as a town crier with Carlos Herrera. It will also include performances by the winners in 2010, Miguel Ortega (Mining Lamp), Francisco Moncayo (Bordon Mining), Jesus Fernandez (Trophy Desplante) and Abdon Alcaraz (Instrumentalist Award). The entrance to the acts of the first two days will be free.

Galas expected prior to the competition phase will have Pitingo (August 5), Estrella Morente (day 6), Farruquito (7), guitarist Tomatito on 8 August with the dancer Blanca del Rey, and Diego 'El Cigala 'on 9. All these activities will begin at 23 hours. Blanca del Rey stressed that the Corral de la Morería have gone "greats" in the last 50 years, and says that the Las Minas Flamenco Festival is the "most important".

On her goodbye, said goodbye to be "in full form and effect, out of respect for the profession," but recognized that signs off with "a very big tear," because the dance has meaning "all for it," with his family. Flamenco is the music we have to export to the world For his part, stressed that Pitingo is eager to return to competition, which was already involved remain unknown, and where he met "really good people." "Volver is a joy and beautiful moments I remember," he assured, and then express their desire to "do their best, with great respect, and that people will go very well." In this line, Tomatito recalled that participated in the past many times with Camarón de la Isla, so remember "many things" of this festival that "many artists out that are then figures." Furthermore, it indicated that flamenco is the music we have to "export to the world, and we must defend it with tooth and nail." The phase of competition will be held on 10, 11 and 12 August, with the celebration of three semifinals, and 13 will be held the final of the competition.

All these events will start at 22 o'clock in the Old Public Market, the 'Cathedral of Cante'. Apart from galas and competitions, cultural agenda is completed with activities held every day from 20 hours in the city of La Union. So, day 4 will be delivered the Cathedral of Cante III Award, an award that distinguishes this year highlights the country of France in the preservation, dissemination and promotion of flamenco.

That same day, pay tribute to Japan, who won this same award in 2010. The day 5 there will be a tribute to singer Enrique Morente, Castillete Gold winner in the Festival 2010, in a ceremony attended by his family and in which the documentary 'Morente' Emilio Ruiz Barrachina. This year the Golden Castillete be given to Alejandro Sanz (6 August), Ferran Adria (day 7) and Antonio Grau Mora, 'the Red on Alpargatero' (day 8), grand patriarch of the singing miners, who in title received the award posthumously to pick up his grandson, Antonio Grau, in his eighties and living in Peru.

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