Thursday, April 14, 2011

Roxette: "Speak To Me" succde "Shes Got Nothing On (But The Radio)"

Speak To Me "is the new single from the band Roxette. This new song from the Swedish group is the second single from the album "Room Service" was released in early 2011. "Room Service" is a homecoming, vibrant album signed by the rock band of the 80 northern and 90. "Room Service" is full of little gems like Roxette alone can do.

The output of single "Speak To Me" is scheduled for April 18. This new single from Roxette, highlights the quality of composition of Swedish duo. Speak To Me "is a superb pop ballad like the group's biggest hits, a song melody that can not be indifferent to listen. Roxette aficionados will feel even planned in 1988, the days of the hit "Listen To Your Heart." The song will be offered with a remix version done by the Swedish producer Bassflow.

"Speak To Me" redone all the talent flow interpreter Marie Fredriksson. After 10 years of radio silence, Roxette truly marked his return with the album "Room Service". After the single "She's Got Nothing On (But The Radio), who prepared the band's fans with his guitars, Roxette offer, this time a song full of grace, which highlights all the energy found in the group Roxette and the pleasure of finding the path of creation for two artists with an exceptional destiny.

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