Thursday, April 14, 2011

Deerhunter + Lower Dens in concert in Bilbao (Kafe Antzokia, 04/13/2011): noise and nuts

Little or nothing to do at home put a disk of Deerhunter to see them live. Very gross, weird, disturbing, hypnotic. A spiral staircase and a half hour where you can climb, descend, but never stop. Every nook, every step, has a role and no two are alike. Do not know where you are going to take but the experience is far more enjoyable than making that same journey in an elevator.

One gets the feeling that you are facing something very large, being reunited with Joy Division, Jesus & Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground, Iggy Pop even all of them are to some extent in Halcyon Digest, a review of the eighties, the nineties, , as well Probertoj cited when he spoke of his latest album could be your life.

Bradford Cox had a strange fixation with a small rubber fish that did not stop hitting, as he had a chance, so that you blinked on the eyes, so much so that at the beginning of the concert premiering '60 Cycle Hum appeared that was the only technical problem that prevented them from advancing.

Solved these problems sound, and with 'Desire Lines' caught us completely. As I like this song. I'm still surprised the thousand twists that can give Atlanta within the same song. Moving from the largest of the calm to a brutal noise, to release a blast of retro as' Revival 'or' Do not Cry 'and dive into the future with all the sonic textures found in' Helicopter 'and' I Would Have Laughed 'that appear to come from another planet.

I think that is precisely what makes them so great and makes Halcyon Digest one of the best records in recent years. It based much of their setlist and I loved it. No missed previous issues as 'Rainwater Cassette Exchange', 'Hazel St' and 'Little Kids', leaving for the encore "Agoraphobia" and "Octet." Much noise and many nuts, noise, very dark passages, shoegaze.

Josh Fauver spent much of the concert playing back or staring at the audience with his head cocked and eyes gone, completely static. There are times when you could not believe that so perky these four individuals were able to get to reach that intensity. Do not need another kind of show that is not sound.

Impressive also the work of Moses Archuleta on drums, beating their clubs in a masterful way, giving each passenger a majesty that makes them unique. Today you have in Madrid (Sobrado Natxo're all nervous) and I advise you not miss it for anything, but I guess that tickets will be long dead.

In Bilbao we unfilled.

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