Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jehro: "Paradise Cantina" sublime 2011 album

Want to start your day off right? Start your musical journey, and your day, listening to the first single from the new album Jehro. The song "Tonight Tonight" is a ballad exotic, the heart of a distant night sky. A hymn to love and travel, with emotions and elegance that will delight your ears. This first single from his new album 2011, "Cantina Paradise", is chilling as the first notes, and you will get to know the musical Jehro.

With his voice sip of "soul music" that radiated its first eponymous album, produced by Marathonians, and became a gold record, Gero has imposed his style on the music scene with songs that make you want to be hummed like "I want love "or" Everything ". Discovering her new album "Paradise Cantina, we always find a unique voice that gives you chills.

Jehro treats us once again with his magical melodies that transport us to the other side of the planet, the time of a song. Jehro always interprets the same vein with his words of love, sung in English and Spanish. Jehro whose real name Jérôme Cotta, appears happy as a "love songs". Those of Leo Ferré, Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf that marked his childhood Marseille under the auspices of a father himself a songwriter.

"Paradise Cantina" is the third studio album Jehro. In this new album, recorded between Paris and southern France where he lived for 10 years, Jehro encompasses everything that makes him an exception, both cultural and human. A moment of pleasure that is enjoyed around 11 creations that all sounds like a small share of happiness.

For lovers of music Jehro, the artist will soon be on tour, on 6 May in Strasbourg, May 26 at Cafe de la Danse in Paris. While waiting for new dates being announced soon, here is the tracklisting of the album "Paradise Cantina" of Jehro: 01 - Tonight Tonight 02 - Why Me 03 - Stolen Rose 04 - Last Too Long 05 - Night Shines 06 - Along The River 07 - Caminando 08 - Here And Now 09 - Venga 10 - Guantanamo Song 11 - Young Blood

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