Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Foo Fighters - Wasting Light: I love it when a plan comes together

Seventeen-year career and seven studio albums and is more than enough to exhaust even the most effective formula, but the weather seems determined to be generous with the Foo Fighters. Wasting the arrival of Light was one of the most anticipated on the international scene is loaded 2011, and now that we have a few days among us can say that has not disappointed.

The guitars that open the album with 'Burning Bridge' is a declaration of intent to what is to come. Pure and simple rock, the most effective and direct. The most fun, in a nutshell. From here the band is dedicated to what he does best for eleven songs able to maintain minimum whenever the bar pretty high, minimizing complications and artifacts.

This attempt to go directly to the spirit of the song, the riffs do not asked anything in return and choruses meant to sing until hoarse, has been seen by many as a deliberate return to the roots of the band. True Light Wasting may sound less rich than some of his past efforts, but I see this as a deliberate reverse, but the simple desire to Grohl and company to record what they please, as if there was no tomorrow.

Foo Fighters - Bridge Burning (YouTube) vilely deceived us when published 'White Limo' as an advance, as we were led to believe that this would be a total dishevel album, a tribute to Mahou Beer, and Lemmy's wart. We must recognize that the idea had been his grace, but not have been a Foo Fighters album as such.

In the end, the song remains the exception in a repertoire of classic and gentle melodies. If the quintet signed to producer Butch Vig for me to get out the purest part of their sound, and give the way a layer of muscle, they should pay double the agreed because the work here is perfect.

Cuts like 'Rope' and 'These Days' could well serve as examples of what a Foo Fighters type of song, but sounding like never before. Foo Fighters - Walk (YouTube) Although the main shaft is rock hard cash and sugarcane, the band also allows some time as the restrained epic 'Walk', an issue that strikes me as me for closing a good concert style.

Special mention should also exciting 'I Should Have Known', which together with the above subject and 'Miss the Misery' spectacular form a triad to dismiss the album, and invites us to hear again from the beginning. We can therefore say that the plan they have gone without a hitch, as they have managed to live up to expectations in a year where many of the desired large are still slightly disappointing.

Not too complicated existence, without looking to the past or the future, but simply what you see before you at this time, it is to make good music with the best in you honestly. Wasting Light does not aspire to become the best reference of the band, but it shows that the band knows perfectly well, and knows what he has to do to make all beeps as it should.

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