Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Black Eyed Peas acadm inaugurates a musical New York

The Black Eyed Peas recently formalized before the American press, the opening of the first musical academy. The 'Adobe Youth Voices Peoped Academy has opened its doors in New York in the prestigious Soho, well recognized for its cultural side and "hype". Adobe Foundation already has three such schools in the rest of the Americas which are very successful and have no less than 1400 students.

The new school will be located in the city of New York as part of several collaborations with Black Eyed Peas, the "Peapod Adobe Youth Voice Academy will aim to teach students the art of filmmaking the ins and outs of music production. All allowing students to explore their own creativity in poetry and dance.

The academy will be completely free and will propose a course of two years of study. At the launch of "Adobe Youth Voices Peoped Academy, the Black Eyed Peas expressed delighted and insisted that opening such a school would allow teenagers in New York City to learn the production video and music using professional equipment.

Fergie and the other group members have also joined the new students for a moment of conviviality where students have been able to show some examples of their work. Will. i. Black Eyed Peas am said: "Our passion for music, media and especially our success is partly due to the many professionals of all kinds we encountered throughout our career and our participation in this new Academy allows us to give back and share everything now that we have learned.


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